Monday, December 30, 2013

Letter 14: First Baptism!

Hello! How are things??
Yes talking with you guys was probably the best thing ever! It makes me want to be able to talk with you even more is the only bad thing haha. Seeing all of your faces and hearing your voices was just amazing. Geez, I should have recorded it on my camera or something. Geez I miss you guys like crazy! We are going to be moving to our new are today at around 3 o clock more or less, the address is (3500 Zions #95, San Juan, Coquimbo) And if that doesn't work, replace San Juan with La Cantera. But you'll be able to see our apt. and all. Yes transfers for me are a mixed emotion thing. First of all yes, I hate change, just hate it, at least till its over and I realize wow, this isn't so bad. But at the start I just always dread it. Elder Holmes is good though, he doesn't really laugh at my jokes though, for example the other day a care drove by that had wax all over it and I said "Haha, looks like someone didn't learn to wax off" obviously referencing Karate Kid and he didn't even laugh? Whatever, I thought it was funny. But overall he's a good guy. I will send a picture. No I haven't gotten my package yet and wont until the zone leaders bring it up from Vina Del Mar, so another week or two. Hahah that was so funny that they wouldn't let you tell! How lame..but I'm excited to see! I know ill like it, I had the best people picking stuff out, especially Trevor, he knows how to get the good stuff haha. Hopefully it all arrives in one piece!. I cried a little a bit, especially after that prayer, geez, but everything just felt really good after that. 
New York sounds so exiting! I've thought about mine and Trevor's trip to there several times as I've been out here, that was an amazing time. I'm sure you two will have a blast! Hopefully dad has fun in his conferences as well...haha. And yes be sure to take photos!~I like your goals, I definitely miss the temple. If we reached our baptism goal of 1000 for the year we will go to the temple as a find out pretty soon. I hope so!.  I haven't set any goals on paper for this year. I need to do that, i have ideas in my head but nothing really set in stone. Ill do it though! Hey if one of your goals is to read and study that what ill be doing too. We as a mission are going to read it 4 times this year and mark different key topics. Should be good!  Let me know how it goes. 
But yesterday we had the baptism of Mattias Narveaz! And it was sooo good! He asked me to baptize him and i was a little nervous doing it in Spanish. Also, something really funny. Please imagine this in your heads right we go into the water and I say the prayer (keep in mind i explained the process before hand, the whole bending the knees and plugging nose things) and I go and put him in the water and then all of a sudden he is almost jumping out of the water! and then makes this like "ahhh" sound. And me being completely surprised stood there thinking "what the..???" Haha. But the baptism worked we didn't have to do it again. And after he just said he was surprised or something? I have no idea but every time I think about it I laugh. We went and visited him afterwords and watched a video about John Tanner. It was a good lesson in how our sacrifices can help others. And how really, our worldly things shouldn't be our main priority.
Also during lunch we watched this church video I think called Lighthouse. But it was really good as well, it teaches about how the littlest of actions can make such big differences. Its about this guy who dies and writes in his will to about 6 people in different ways they unknowingly have changed his life.

Anyway this week has been a good one. And hopefully another will follow
I love you all so much! Have an great week! (ps. i also cant wait for May!) Haha. I miss you all tons. I Hope that you're all doing well and that you're happy.

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