Sunday, December 29, 2013

Letter 13: I'm Dreaming of a Warm Christmas!

This week has been good. I'm now with a new companion and his name is Elder Holmes, and no his first name is not Sherlock. Although that would be pretty awesome if you ask me. Then I would get a friend named Watson just so I could say, "its elementary my dear Watson". But sadly, he has no friends named Watson, well, I'm assuming, I haven't actually asked. 
Other than that my Spanish is coming along really well, or so I think, Elder Holmes and the new Zone Leader Elder Bessey were telling me how my Spanish was really good and how when they were at where I'm at right now they weren't speaking like I am now. If that makes sense..haha, no but I still feel like Spanish will take a while to master, especially the way Chileans speak it. Oh yeah, also we are going to be changing areas within the zone of Coquimbo. Elder Holmes and I are switching to the Talinai (spelled something like that) but its in an area close to where I'm at now, like 10 minutes by car. Its also called La Cantera. But the zone leaders are going to work in our area because its so much closer to the chapel and I guess that's where president wants them. So on the 30th of December we are going to be making the switch. I don't really know how I feel about it, I love the view from our apartment and everything, and ive finally made connections with the people in the ward and everything. But I hear that that area is also good, but ill let you guys know.
We are working with this Less active Jose, and his wife Valedia, she wants to be baptized but she cant until they get married. At first they were going to wait 4 years!! Can you believe that?? But after we taught them more and found out more about the law (the reason they were going to wait so long is because he is in so much debt and if they get married the debt people can take all of their stuff and not just his) but we found out you can get married with separation of assets. So they are going to get married in January and then she will be baptized! Not that i will be here...haha, but still. Its exciting to see people progress and everything. They attended church yesterday and said they really liked it. 
Last night we were able to watch the Christmas devotional broadcast, seeing the conference center and ACTUAL snow made me miss home a bit, but it was a really good message. It really is hard for me sometimes to be away from the strong base of members we have where we live. But the families here and the people here are really great, they have a lot of potential and love. 
Well other than that is just our information for Christmas, we are going to be calling Wednesday at 8 o clock at night. I'm not sure what time that would be where you are? Around 5 or 4 I think. I'm excited to talk to you guys! I hope you pick up -_- hahah. We will be using Skype, I don't know your maybe I will have to call first or something. But yeah! Then on Tuesday we will be eating dinner with the Kong family that we are currently reactivating. Should be a good week!
I love you guys, I hope you have an amazing Christmas and that its a great time! I cant wait to hear your voices and see you all! Definitely going to be the highlight of my Christmas. I miss you all, be safe and have a good week!

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