Sunday, January 12, 2014

Letter 15: Missing Crown

Dear Mom and Family,
It is finally the New Year! We spent it with a dinner with some members and then back to the pension. Really calm, it was good! But I agree with you completely, I'm hoping for no accidents as well and that every stays healthy!
Well as for accidents that one already kinda failed..with my tooth and all. But from here on out! 
No my companion does not really laugh and my jokes, but hey, not much I can do. Actually, when I found out my tooth was going to cost so much he literally laughed. Ahhh, sometimes I just cant help but shake my head at him. I feel like this anger build up inside towards him sometimes, and I really have to put it away or think about something else. Well anger is a strong word...but annoyance. He got mad at me because I rolled up my sleeves on my shirt because it was really hot (which isn't against the rules) and told me I should call the zone leaders and ask. I told him yeah, I will tonight then. He then handed me the phone and I just looked at him..then called to save us an argument. No one answered. Its just little things like that that bug me. But hey, he's a really good guy and is out here doing what the Lord wants. ate my treats?!?! hahah No just kidding, that's okay! I'm excited to read the letters from Daniel, and the YW. That's super thoughtful of them to do that. Probably it will get here at the beginning of February. And I think I will be getting my package from you this Wednesday, here's to hoping!

This week has been good! We have been meeting all the members, teaching inactives and less actives and finding new people to teach! There is a ton of dust in this area too, our pants always are dirty at the end of the day. But we were teaching this less active member names Rosa (who is super awesome!) and her non member dad the other day. The lesson went really well and she is going to attend church again. The dad and I talked a ton about Columbia and mexico and the drug trade between them and the states...not sure how we got on that topic. But we tied it in with the lesson!
Then Rosa told me I looked like James Dean...haha, oh and that rapper Juan, said Justin Beiber again..ridiculous. 
Its crazy how much American music they play here! We always here it in the collectivos (taxis) and in every store. Its pretty funny. For example the other day we heard Beat it, and jitterbug, both from Zoolander. It made me laugh. 

Well I'm out of time guys! Ill write more next week I promise. I love you all so stinkin much! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well and I pray for you all every single day. Enjoy your week!

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