Thursday, December 12, 2013

Letter 11: Happy Birthday Mom!!!

Hey Mom!
Well first of all Happy Birthday tomorrow!!! 30 years young wooo!!! And you only look 25, geez, no wonder I look so young and no wonder all of the Latinos call me Cara de Nino haha. (young face) But seriously I hope that your birthday is great and that the family gives you a great time! I'm sure that they will. Also I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you're my mom. Seriously I wouldn't want anyone else in the entire world to be my mom. I miss you so much some days, but I'm so happy to have your example and your love, it makes everything a lot easier. Mom, you're amazing, from everything you done for me and the family, to all the things you do for others and just the great example of truly caring and loving for people. I love how we can always just laugh and I feel so happy anytime I'm around you. I love you Mom! Don't ever forget it!
Man!! Snow?? That"s so hard for me to believe, today is actually pretty hot here, feels like a perfect beach day! (that I'm not going to have haha). We have to do that sled thing again when I come home, that was my favorite! I bet Bridger had a blast, I know I would have. The coldness sounds terrible though, seriously, I remember some days walking outside and its hard to even breathe because its so cold. But don't worry, ill keep things nice and warm down here. (; 
Hey its funny you mention that little family night idea with the missionaries, I've been thinking about the times we were good about doing family night and the times we weren't. You all should start doing family night again, for real. Its such a blessing to have that spiritual message outside of church once a week. I know that it will be a huge help to the family if you all make time to do it. (not to mention the prophets have told us to do it (;' ) I know life is busy and you may not even have to do it on Monday, but I think it would be great if you all found a time you could do it, including Trevor (since hes moved out and all). But hey, just a suggestion, its been on my mind this past week or two. Those missionaries sound awesome though. (: Oh and in response to your other question, no we almost never have dinner in general. Everyday we eat lunch, which is their big meal, its like our dinner, with members. And then they have a mini meal called once between 6 and 8 but we are usually teaching and stuff, so it just depends, some days we get it, some days we don't! But don't worry I eat when we get to the pension around 930 to 1000.

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