Monday, December 16, 2013

Letter 12: Fleas, warm weather, and pictures!

Hello to the BEST mom in the world!
Well, almost Christmas! And absolutely doesn't feel like it with this weather. Its really tripping me out to be honest. It feels like mid June. Or just like San Diego, ill attach some photos. But to answer a few of your questions, changes are this Wednesday and I'm 90% sure I'm changing may not be very far though, I might stay in the Coquimbo zone. I know all this because of the Zone leaders (who I happen to be super tight with because of my District leader comp haha). I think the zone leaders are going to change to the area I'm currently in and i might be headed to theirs or somewhere else. If I went to theirs it would be in La Cantera, Coquimbo. We will see though! I'm also almost 100 % sure ill be getting a new comp. Which is pretty lame because Elder Hale and I get along really well. As for Christmas, with the changes being so close I have zero idea what I'm going to be doing, or where ill be, but from what I've heard, we spend it with a family and hopefully they have Skype, I'm pretty sure they will. I don't know exactly what time we will be calling but next Monday ill have a better idea of everything. Pres. Kahnlein wants us to spend our Christmas day with a less active family. So we'll try and make that happen.
That's awesome Christian finally called! I didn't give him any money, but maybe I can give it to his parents that are taking care of his house? They mentioned something about getting one of those little wood willow statues but with a father and son. (you know the type that we have? Like the little wooden people. I think its called willow tree). So maybe we could send them one of those or something? They have one heck of a story as well. There son was born without an immune system and almost died when he was born. He has had a ton of surgeries and they go back to the states every year to check up on him and get medication. They're really happy and loving people though, I remember meeting them for the first time and Christian made me laugh a bunch, partly because of his accent and partly because he made of my accent. He is really good at English though. But they're doing really well now and that's why they're in the states at the moment.
Ah! A trip to New York?? That brings back a ton of memories with me and Trevor! You two should go visit some of the same areas we did and take pictures! I can just imagine you two right now, buying some delicious dinner and doing the whole "indulgence" sure to take video! But whats the conference for exactly? For brokers? I just realized its gonna be freezing there..This whole weather thing is really throwing me off. But anyway, I'm also very happy for the New Year, A nice fresh start is always a good thing. You'll have to share with me some of your goals.
Also how did family night with the missionaries go??
Awesome, I look forward to that package and all! (: tell Lucia Thank you very much! That's awesome she is going to be in Chile. 
But anyway, I hope that you all are having a great Christmas time. And the same to you, I especially hope you're all feeling the Spirit and enjoying what this time is really about. Its hard to be away from you guys sometimes, its hard not being able to go home each day and have that strength immediately around me BUT I know you all are praying for me as I am for you. I know that everything is okay, and will be okay. Ultimately, I know that being here is a blessing. Thank you for supporting and loving me. I love you all so much! Have an awesome week!

OH YEAH! This week has been full of funny experiences. FOR EXAMPLE. We went to this house to teach 2 ladies and a man. And they had a 3 year old kid and we began to teach and then I look up and what do you know, there's the mom's boob hanging out right in the open and the 3 year old kid is just going to town drinking. This continued for about 7 minutes while we taught and I just had to keep eye contact the whole time or look away. So awkward. Oh and then this guy in the street came up and was just super high and he hugs Elder Hale for a solid 30 seconds and just strokes his head mumbling blessings, bless you. was funny until he let go of Elder Hale and came for me. Also here they do the whole shake hand and kiss things which we aren't allowed to do, but people just lean in and do, we cant really push them away. So that happens almost daily.

Okay, one last thing!
Can you do some research for me on fleas. to get rid, how to prevent etc. the best ways.
And if fleas collars actually sterilize you or if that's a myth. Hahaha that would be awesome!

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