Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Letter 30: Pre Wedding and Thriller

Hello Mom!

Oh my heck, I can`t believe she is getting married! (okay, lie, I can believe it), haha but honestly I`m so happy for everyone! MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED! Things just seem to be looking up don`t they? That`s always a good feeling. These past few weeks I`ve had several moments where I have felt sad that I won`t be there for everything, especially the wedding but I don`t know, I just feel good. I feel like you are all doing so well and blessed that I should be happy, it doesn`t matter if i`m there or not right now because I will be someday. I bet the temple was an awesome experience, I remember my first time and just feeling really good. I had an experience when I went through for the first time here in Chile and I remember just feeling a peace within me, and at that moment I couldn`t really understand it because I felt so much turmoil around me, but I think now more than ever, I understand. I feel like i`m finally feeling so much more confident in who I am, in what i`m doing, and more than anything, in God`s plan for me, and for us as a family. 

Well as for my companion, he is going in for an interview today. Oh..forgot to mention, today we are in Viña! I`m going to an eye doctor to check out my eye and he is going to talk with President today as well. I hope that all goes well. We tried calling President like 4 times and he never answered and my companion kind of lost the motivation to keep trying. Last night I suggested he call one more time, especially because we are in Viña today and he did, and finally he answered. So I will let you know how that whole situation goes down.

When we went to Illapel I was able to pick up some food from the grocery store but there wasn`t anywhere to eat, but it`s all good! Maybe I will be able to find somewhere in Viña today? Like a McDonalds! (that sounds so good to me, you have no idea hahah). We are going to be here till about 4 or 5 o`clock today. Our zone conference went really well (this one was just with the zone leaders, not the president). Oh funny story to go along with that, so there are about 22 missionaries in our zone and about 18 of us were sitting there before listening to the hymns playing from the zone leader`s Ipod and all of a sudden Micheal Jackson comes on, Thriller!! Hahahah everyone kinda looked up and started laughing, then the zone leader came in and was went bright red then told us that ¨we all have music we shouldn`t...¨...his companion about died. But the conference was good, we went over how to teach better, a little bit more simple and clear. We also went over how to extend good invitations. Things I already knew..haha just kidding, I can always learn!

As far as teaching this week, this might have been the slowest week in my mission, we had 3 lessons this entire week! Part of that was due to the zone conference and then on Thursday I had to go to Illapel again to do my visa papers. 8 Months into the mission and they finally are ready to start the process to I can receive my Chilean I.D. card. So we were there almost all day. But we need to be teaching more. Either we have to contact a lot more or think of some new way to find new investigators. But the work is going well! I can`t really complain, in fact even though it`s been a slow week, I feel good. I just want to have more success! Hopefully that will come with a little more time.

Oh! Both of the packages arrived! The one that you sent way back in March arrived on the 8th of May and the one you sent April 21 arrived the 2nd of May. But I got them both! First of all, all of the treats and everything look so good (I have only eaten a little of the cookies and cream and a few starbursts because I want to conserve it haha), but I loved reading the letters from everyone and the new journal! OH! Other really awesome story, they found my old journal!!!! I have no idea how because I lost it in the street but the zone leaders gave it to me at the conference. I can`t believe it, I thought i`d never see it again. Seriously, crazy. But anyway, that water bottle is going to be a life saver, especially in Los Vilos. I still haven`t opened the letters in my birthday package because I want to save them for my birthday, or should I open them now?? I don`t know, you tell me. But thank you so much for sending the packages they are awesome! Even though love isn`t showed through gifts and doesn`t hurt ;) haha.

Well sounds like you will be having a busy week with Nichole, painting, and cleaning up the house a bit. I have to say I`m definitely jealous of the weather, it`s starting to get pretty cold here in the mornings and nights. The days are okay but they are also getting pretty...CHILE...hah. But seriously, I miss the Utah`s climate. Be sure to send a ton of pictures of the wedding ! I love you all so much I hope that you have an amazing week!!

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