Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Letter 31: Wedding and Twitching Eyes


Well she is now officially married (I hope it´s facebook official as well...), and it sounds like everything went really smoothly. Sounds like it was a beautiful day and many people showed up to show their love and support. It really is kind of a bitter sweet thing, more sweet than bitter. I wish I could have been there, but i´m glad they are so happy! I love to see all of the pictures, and I love the colors haha. Everyone is getting so big I can´t even believe it. Yeah, definitely send me those pictures when you get them, I want to see more, especially the videos. 

My week has a word, challenging. Monday we were able to be in viña like I told you and we went to the mission offices to get money for the appointment and Pres. Kahnlein interviewed my companion and afterward asked to speak with me. He asked me to explain the whole situation and I told him everything that had happened and all that Elder Gonzales had told me. He then asked me how we were working together and I told him of the challenges we had. He told me to keep working and to endure to the end, and then talked to me about baptizing. I don´t know, sometimes I feel like there isn´t a lot of love from him. I know there are a lot of missionaries, problems, and things he has to take care of, but I feel like sometimes it´s all business, I don´t know how to describe, but it´s pretty hard sometimes. He asked me again why I hadn´t baptized and I told him I was trying. At the end of the interview I asked if there was anything I could do for him and he told me I coud fulfill my calling and baptize. I guess this week I have really just felt a lack of support directly around me. It is really hard for my companion to teach and to be a ¨people person¨, and we have had some difficulty getting along several times. I get frustrated when I can´t solve problems or when simply don´t know what to do. I feel a little discouraged at times when I am not baptizing. It´s just been a hard week, but i´m hoping this one will be better.

Anyway, on a better note, we went and got some sushi while we were in Viña. My companion enjoyed it and it was his first time eating sushi. I was able to see my old trainer Elder Hale and it was awesome to be able to talk with him for a few minutes. He is now the zone leader in Viña. I went to my eye appointment and the doctor said that my eye was a little irritated and that it was from being tired or I have tired vision...something like that. He said that I could buy glasses for reading but I read just fine so I don´t think I want to waste the money. He recommended that I buy some eye drops but the twitching has stopped so I think I will wait and see. So that´s good news. 

I was able to do interchanges with Elder Bush this week and it was a HUGE relief. We have kind of been support for one another while we have been out here. He is from Nevada and this is his first area so I´ve been here to kind of help him get through the harder times (i know what he is going through haha), but like I said we were able to do the interchange and we just talked for a few hours before going to bed. We talked about a lot of things but in reality, more than WHAT we talked about, it was just nice to talk to someone who understands a little bit more. (also sorry for the italics...I have no idea what I did hah). We have become really good friends in the short time we have been here. We were in his sector and we were teaching and the lessons we taught were filled with the spirit and just so....good. I don´t know how to describe it. It was an awesome feeling, we had so much unity and the people were able to understand really well. I think it was do to that we had more of a trust. I´m not exactly sure, but I sure hope my companion and I can establish that as well.

I still have the letter you sent me to open on my birthday, no worries! Although during the interchange my companion and my district leader decided to be tools and eat some of the stuff in my package. I wasn´t to happy but not much I can do now. I´m super happy they both arrived as well! The first one took forever but finally it arrived. It gets cool in the nights but the days are pretty warm like 60 % of the time. It´s a really weird climate here! I think I have sufficient bedding, I have like 3 blankets, I should be good. 

That´s awesome you were able to visit your Dad´s graveside and be able to think about him. I think I can understand a lot more how much you must miss them sometimes. That´s great they were able to make a memorial for all of the marines! The service they provide and the sacrifice they have given is truly a blessing. I miss grandpa too, he always had such a spirit about him. I miss that. 

I can´t believe either that Trevor heads out for training! One thing that I do know is that he is going to excel in his training and he is going to come out on top. He has such a gift and uses that gift to achieve great things. 

Well mom, I love you so much. I miss you too. I love you even more and I hope that you have a wonderful and less stressful week. Be safe and say hey to the family!

Love you!

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