Friday, June 20, 2014

Letter 32: New Investigators!

My dearest Mother (and fam)

Trevor is officially off to the military! Wow, I´m so proud of him. I don´t think I have ever met someone with as much drive and determination as he has. Well, I must say if feels really weird knowing everyone is kinda moving on to the next steps in their lives. How do you feel about it all? I think your description of ¨bitter-sweet¨ pretty much sums it all up. But don´t worry mom, we will all be together as a family again in no time. Not only that but you might have grandkids soon! (don´t tell Nichole I said that).  Sometimes I just wanna slow time down!! This whole growing up thing is a little rough sometimes. But anyway, awesome that he is out there and will be done in august! I was able to get an email from him this last week and today. He said some things that I really needed to hear (read) and I feel better about the whole thing know.
I´m soooo jealous about your birthday meal for him! Oh my gosh, you had me at should send me the sauce recipe so I can attempt it out here one day! Sounds like his birthday was a success...he is 24 now right?? Also, he looks pretty ripped in the pictures. And Brock looks taller.

Hey that Maleficint movie looks crazy! (I saw a commercial down here). We´ll put in on the list! Haha

Chile is good. I think with every week come different blessings and trials whether they be big or small. Something I love about the mission is being able help people, and through service develop a genuine love for the investigators. Elvia is someone I'm going to remember forever. We have had some of the most spiritual lessons with her and have seen her just break down and cry in her prayers asking for help and to keep her family together. Sadly it looks like they might separate. She told us that she doesn't want to marry Luis but through everything that has happened I have been able to see her grow. I have seen her change. It´s amazing to see someone grow in their faith and love for God. She will get baptized someday, right now she can´t, but one day she will and with luck I will still be here!

This week we found a few new investigators! We were teaching a recent convert and her nephew was there. He is 10 years old and we taught him as well. We ended up finding the house he lives and asking his mom for permission to teach him. She said yes AND even committed to come to church with us and they both came yesterday! We were able to take Felipe (the boy) to our branch family night and he loved it, then we brought him to English classes. Every time we teach him I think of Bridger, they don´t really act the same but they are both 10 and for some reason it just reminds me of Bridge haha. So we are making progress in several areas!

Let´s see...stories. Well, last night some teen-agers shot at us with that was pretty not cool. They had terrible aim though so no worries. Oh yeah! Finally I bought a voice recorder and am going to start writing in my journal again as well as voice recording. (it was cheap so I didn´t have to use our card). We are going to have transfers this Wednesday and it´s most likely that Elder Gonzales is going to head out. But as always you just never know. I´ll be sure to keep you all updated! It´s kinda sad knowing that our district is going to split up, but I'm kinda hoping that I get to train! I don´t know why, but I want to. We´ll see.

Ah, that story about Bridger bearing his testimony makes me so happy. I can just imagine it too. I wish you could have filmed it! But I am too, so grateful for eternal families. I am so grateful for an eternal perspective. Sometimes it´s hard to maintain that perspective, but it is something engrained in me. Every time I seem to stray or think in a day to day perspective I get drawn back to the fact that I have an eternal family and we have such potential! I´m grateful that I have the opportunity to spread this message with the people here in Chile. Maybe many won´t listen, maybe many won´t be interested, but for those who are willing to accept this gospel will know a happiness and purpose that they have never known. How amazing it is to be a missionary :) I love you all so incredibly much! Don´t ever forget it and be safe and happen! I love you. Be strong this week! I know there are many changes...but it´s all okay. Our life IS eternal, this mortal life will separate us physically many times, but we will be together an eternity.

Thank you for all of your support and love. I truly am so grateful for your prayers. I promise that I feel them!
Have a wonderful week!

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