Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Letter 20: First "Fight", Exchanges, and Progress

Hello mom and fam!!

Well this week has been a good one! I will start by answering your questions though.
My companion and I will be staying together for this change (which will last till about March 12th)
and we are both staying in the same area. So nothing too new on that front. My companion and I got
in our first fight...so that was interesting. He was mad at me because I was walking too slow or something, which made me mad because i'm always walking at what I like to call "brisk pace", honestly I never have just like sat there a lazily strolled along. But anyway, he said some pretty offensive things and I was getting mad so I just ended the conversation and stopped talking for a while. Then everything was fine again. And that's that. (: haha. I think that sometimes when you're with someone 24/7 little things just begin to bother you and you have to push them out of your mind or it gets to you. 

We have about 124 active members in out branch, but within our boundaries we have about 600 members...so we have a ton of work to do! The thing is that where Elder Holmes and I work is one part of the branch and then there is another sector called San Juan, that is huge, and also has 2 missionaries working there. But we all are the same branch, just in different areas. We have a lot of good members as well. We strive to have members with us in the lessons that we teach and that is REALLY hard because the members always have stuff going on or just don't want to. So we've been working to get them to come out with us and get excited about the work. It's interesting to see the really faithful and converted members verses those who are so below their potential. 
I still have not been asked to speak in sacrament meeting, the missionaries here almost never do. But we take turns teaching the second hour class of Principles of The Gospel if we have investigators or Recent converts at the church that day.

This week has been a good one. We were walking the other day in the street and we hear "Elders!!" Haha we turned around and down the street a random guy was yelling our name, so we went back and talked to him and turns out he is a mission leader up a little more north. He is here working for his friend to do some construction. He introduced us to the family and said "he guess what? Missionaries do service, did you know that? They can help us build this wall".  It was awesome, it was like hey, here's an opportunity to teach a family and do service for them. So we have helped them twice and been able to teach them one time. Also, a friend of this family who is about 15 was there helping us and turns out that he has had lessons with the missionaries before and wants to be taught more. He said his mom would not let him get baptized. Anyway, we invited them all to church and only Jose came (the 15 year old friend) but that was great. He said he wants to get baptized and all, AND that his mom is fine with it now. We're going to go teach him and his family tonight. Hopefully if all goes well, we will have some baptisms soon! They're awesome families and we're excited to teach them.

On a bit more of the funnier side, we were walking around just knocking doors and we came across a group of about 6 kids from the ages 8-13 and we talked to them for a while. They asked a bunch of stuff about our country and how to say certain words in English. And we explained a little bit about why we are here and what we're doing and all and when we went to leave one of the littler kids bows his head and tells me "give me your power" hahah. Oh man. The things that happen sometimes. We told him that he has to wait 2 years until he is twelve. But we got their info and we're going to pass by later on.

I went on interchanges with Elder Bessey the zone leader here and after our first lesson he says "wow, you have improved SOO much! Seriously that was so good!.." I was honestly surprised, and taken aback, but I just felt happy too. It's good to have that feeling of improvement, because sometimes we don't see it in ourselves as we live day to day, its harder to catch. But him, who went on interchanges with me about a month or two ago and then now, can see. So even if you guys feel like you're not improving or anything like that, know that from some one elses view, you definitely are! We had taught the a less active family and it was a really good lesson. We just kept it really simple. We talked about the sacrament and what it really means, and about the love of Christ. You could feel the spirit. Those are always the best lessons. It's surprisingly hard sometimes to get the spirit in the lessons, just because there are so many distractions and things going on at times. But those lessons where it's there really are special and make it worth it. But at this time we have a few investigators and a lot of less actives we are working with. But i have big hopes for those to families I told you about and have been praying for them. (: 

Ohhhhh a small package, YES! Hahah hmmm...Homemade treats? I don't know, something good! If you can you should send it soon so it gets here  by march. (: But the dentist...ugh. I went in this morning and got my temporary crown and still have like 2 or 3 more appointments. This will be about a 2 month treatment altogether. Unreal!! But for now I have a crown. And then next Monday I go in for an impression, then next time I get the final permanent one. The only worry I have is about my retainer..and what will happen there. Maybe you could ask our ortho? I'm not sure what to do. Ill put on my retainer all the same, I just don't know if it will fit the same.

Anyway, I love you so much! Don't forget that! I'm so grateful for your support and love for me and for whats going on here. You guys have been such a help to me, not only through the mission, but throughout my life. I hope that you have an amazing week!

Love you!

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