Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Letter 21: Transfer!!!

Dear Mother,

Well, I have officially been transferred! I am in a place called Los Vilos, Illapel. My new companion is Elder Gonzales and he is from Peru. We get along super well, although not being able to speak any English all day is pretty hard sometimes haha. It´s actually pretty funny because i´m used to going back and forth between Spanish and English with my other companions all the time and so sometimes we will be talking and just naturally ill speak English hahah and he will just look at me like...what?? So I have a little adjusting to do!

In my branch there are 8 missionaries. We have a senior couple (which is the most awesome thing in the world, they´re from Payson and last name Schramm, The mom reminds me of you SOOO much!! Haha I love it). But then we have 2 other Elders and 2 sister missionaries) In our district we have a new Elder from Nevada who just arrived from the MTC and our district leader is going to be training him. Let me tell ya, it is so weird to look at someone new on the mission and just have flash backs to the days when I first arrived. It´s look DON'T WORRY!! I know exactly what you´re going through! His name is Elder Bush. We actually see the other Elders and Sister almost everyday because our areas are so small and we have meetings and stuff like that. 

This area is what you would call...hard. Or so the missionaries say. The area Los Vilos, is just a little town so all of the people are really used to seeing the missionaries and its likely the missionaries have  been by before. Its good though, the members here are great! And oh my gosh...i´m always stuffed after lunch. They say all of the missionaries leave with at least 20 more pounds than when they left...I'm determined to not let that happen. Our branch is really small actually. We have about 10 holders of the priesthood, zero young men, a few young women, and then the rest are sisters. Altogether, we reach about 40 people that attend regularly. In other words, we have some work to do haha.

I´m glad that you all are doing well though. That's crazy that Kevin already has his mission call! We´ll be able to sling some sweet Spanish when he gets back haha. But is anyone else in our ward planning to serve in the near future? Also some missionaries should be returning to our ward soon right? 

Actually I do have pictures of the before and after, Ill send them if this computer will quicken up a bit. We are actually in ViƱa Del Mar right now because Elder Gonzales has to see a doctor about his vision. We were at the offices of the mission and we were talking with some missionaries who were at zone conference and then I hear Elder Barton..I turned around and there stood president Kahnlein, he told me to follow him, and we went into another room and he says to me ¨wow, that's nice new shiny ring you have there, it will look good after the mission, sorry.¨, so I can´t wear the CTR ring that you guys sent me just so you know. I feel like every time I come across The mission president there is something that i´m doing wrong or something that I mess up on, it´s driving me nuts. 

Have a great week! Love you all!

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