Saturday, February 8, 2014

Letter 18: Oh, Patrico!

Hola mi madre!
This week sure was interesting, yes it went by fast but I got soo sick! Turns out that I got the flu, and had 3 days of non stop cramps in my stomach and trips to the bathroom. And we had interviews with our mission president! Over all it was a really interesting week haha. But i feel a ton better now! Just getting over the fatigue. I'm really good. How are you all doing? I miss you guys too! 
Hahaha Bridger! That kid makes me laugh. Looks like he is now old enough that he cant get out of these things (which he should want to get out of anyway haha). Stake conference is always good. It seems like a theme church wide is hastening the work. Not only on the Presidency level but on the level of wards and stakes as well. The work really is going throughout this world. I'm glad that you're feeling better though, being sick LITERALLY (parks and rec) is the worst thing. Well...close. Haha. 
To answer some of your questions. I don't think we will be able to go to the temple at least till the end of this year if we reach our goal. Every missionary goes at the end of his mission though. We have changes this Wednesday, but I think we both will stay, who knows though!
Its very true though about the mission President. He just has something about him. During interviews this week I just told him the things I was struggling with and my worries, things like this and he just said the things I needed to hear. I can feel the love that he has. Its interesting because he and his assistants are in a rush always to keep on schedule, but regardless I can feel his love. Hahah yes mom, Skype is soon! ish.
Hmm, I think the thing I enjoy most is really getting know people and their stories. And when I make a connection with someone and they become more than a member, or investigator, but a friend, a brother, a sister, and I really feel like they're my family from before this life. I had this experience this week.
right now we have this family of investigators that we found in a contact one day. THere names are the mom Teresa, the daughter Coni, and the son Patricio. We contacted Patricio and he wasn't interested in our religion but he did want us to come back and talk about our lives with him. We went and found that one day and met the family. We ate some food and were just talking, he showed me he added me on FB and wrote on my wall haha. But after a while we began to talk about why we are here, and what our purpose is. Patricio was saying that is was just because we were born in our church, like he was born in the catholic one, and that's why we believed the way we do. We talked with them about how we aren't here to tell them how to believe, but to provide an opportunity for them to take this chance, put there faith in God and find out for themselves through God if this is His church. The spirit was there and it was really quiet for a while, then the mom *(who we found out was baptized a long time ago) said she would do it. Read the BoM and pray to know. We ended because Patricio had to leave with his girlfriend. But as we were walking with him to the bus stop he gave us a letter. It talked about how when we contacted him he was interested and how he wanted to know more about us and our lives because he has seen a lot of bad things in his life, a lot of realities, how people who have so much don't know how to thank, and how people who have had so little are willing to give everything for the people they love. He talked a lot about how he wants to hear about our lives and why we are the way that we are. I don't think we are going to be teaching him the normal way of lessons. But perhaps through hearing some of our life stories he can see how God has always been present. This is an amazing family. They have a lot of potential. 
And I don't know, Its so interesting how you can SEE the potential these people have. And I just want to help them realize it. 

But that's definite a good part. I love you Mom! You're the best mom ever. Obviously... (:
Have a great week!

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