Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Letter 6: Speaking Spanish and Shaving Legs

Hey Mom!
Yeah the weeks just seem to fly by sometimes! I miss you a ton as well! I cant even describe. Yes things are still going well and getting better which is a great thing. Jared left?? That's crazy, he is going to the Provo MTC right? Hahah 5 week down...99 to go. That's what missionaries around here joke about, they talk about it in terms of weeks haha. I'm ready to head out! But also super nervous to be teaching real people and having real experiences! It blows my mind to even think about. Also I have the feeling I'm going to get a straight up Latino companion and just be fulling immersed in the language. Which I might need considering the fact that today I went to the post office to send some letters (yes to you and the family) and the lady spoke SO fast that I didn't understand a single word she said. So, I just pointed on my letter to USA and then she said something else really fast and I said I didn't understand and thankfully there was a guy in line behind me who spoke English and Spanish and let me know that she was asking if I wanted regular or express. Naturally I picked regular and paid my 540 pesos. But I was completely blown away hahah ahhh, Chilean Spanish just makes me shake my head sometimes. But other than that I can communicate with the teachers pretty well in Spanish and other gringos and sometimes Latinos, it really just depends. My night teacher Hermana Alfaro had me stand up and translate what she was saying for like fifteen minutes and to my surprise I was able to translate for the most part! There are 3 other missionaries that have better Spanish than me in our district and they helped me out every now and then. But I felt so accomplished (then i went out to the post office and face palmed) hahah but really, I've learned to much and am super happy about it. 
Ill be leaving for ViƱa this Tuesday morning. I'm pretty sure ill be taking a bus and its about a hour and a half drive. I don't know what to expect but I'm excited for sure! Its funny how im getting so used to the MTC and its about to all change around again. I'm coming to realize this will be a regular thing with transfers. My nose bleeds have stopped for the most part. I drain like 6 water bottles a day and that seems to help. Although I have to use the bathroom ALL the time.
Okay its funny that you mention the Pritchards Halloween party because i was thinking about that this week and how you and dad would always dress up. I definitely want pictures! Dad as the mad hatter...totally fits ;). Bridger though, I feel the same way as you like noooooo! I don't want him to grow up yet! You can take me around trick or treating when I get home if you want. Kick it back to the old days. Haha but what are Nichole, Brock and Trevor doing?? My district is all going to buy Halloween candy and then back at Alcantara were going to do a mini trick or treat during personal time. So that'll be sweet.
This week has kinda just blurred together! But some of the highs were today being P-day and emailing you! Also I've been able to progress in Spanish a lot this week! Elder Asay and I have had some successful lessons! Although the other day our teacher was praising this one group of Elders about how well they did and how well they followed the spirit and I get pretty down because I feel like that's been a hard thing for my companion and I. I know I should be happy for them, and I am, Its just the frustrating part of why are we not doing that EVERY lesson you know? I'm sure it will take some time to adjust, I'm just impatient and maybe that's part of the reason its hard. On a separate note, I may or may not have shaved my legs.  But dont worry, everyone was doing it so that makes it okay right ;) haha. No but seriously, feels so smooth. Like 10 elders from alcantara decided it was leg shave night and I figured why not? We have new roommates across the bathroom, there is an Italian and a Peruvian! I made the Peruvian my best friend and he calls me Elder Awesome as well. Whenever we pass in the halls he says hola mi mejor amigo! which is hey my best friend! His name is Elder Incil and hes really funny and nice. The Italian draws incredibly well! Ill send some pictures.
Mom I love you so much and miss you like crazy! I wrote you and dad some letters so I hope they get there soon. But I seriously just miss being able to hug my mom. I love reading your emails and picturing you saying it. Today I bought this delicious McDonalds burger and thought about our time at Carrabas with Trevor where we started to say To Indulgences! Haha made me laugh when I thought about it. Let me know how Halloween goes and what your plans are for Thanksgiving! I want to hear all about it. I'm sure Bridger will have some stories with this being her first time out alone.
I pray for you and the family every single day! Be safe and know I love you all!

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