Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Letter 4: Mini squids in the rice?!

This is the email Mason emailed me (Nichole). So some of it  may not make sense. Haha

Well that ice cream sounds pretty dang good right about now! I miss my homeland American food sooo much! Let me tell you a little story about the food here, rice, beans, mashed taters, anndddd the end. Hah well as for interesting things, they put mariscos in their rice, gravies etc...they're these little squid like looking things and it made me wanna throw up. I took a few bites of rice and then this marisco (they're 2-3 inches long) fell out of my pile of rice and I about cried haha! It was at the point that I said to my companion "Nope, nope, not doing this today." and stopped eating my meal. Hahah but luckily they don't serve mariscos too often. The best thing they serve here (now keep in mind "best" is extremely relative!) Is this chicken patty thing, like that kind you'd get at a school lunch, we slice up our bread and put in on there with some ketchup and mustard and its probably the most american thing I've eaten since I've been here. Hahah, I get excited to eat because i'm hungry but then realize, oh man, not so excited anymore. Its cool though, today is p day and imma buy some dulces.
 It's only getting warmer here, which is nice. I have about 3 weeks left in the MTC and then it's off to Vina! Speaking of which an Elder told me that there are these HUGE spiders there, like and big as my hand stretched out. At first I didn't believe him so I asked the MTC teachers and they're like "Oh yeah, we have those." Like it was totally normal. APPARENTLY, you can hold and play with them...they're not aggressive towards humans. Some Chileans even keep them as pets. Also, sometimes people's cats will eat them, or the spiders will kill the cats...survival of the fittest I guess. (which means ill be surviving, obviously). I have yet to see any ants here..but maybe in Vina and less city-like places. OH! So the other morning my companion and I were jogging around the city and this stray dog just starts running with us, it was the cutest dog ever, and so friendly! It looked like German Shepard but just wayyy skinny. It would run like 100 feet ahead, stop, turn around, run back and then repeat. So when we got back to ALCANTARA we gave it some meat. It's super sad when we're out running or on p-day and see dogs just laying on the side-walks. Makes me want to take them home.
Anyway, thanks for your words of encouragment and your testimony, it helps so much and strengthens my own testimony.  I'm happy to hear you're doing good.I love you Nichole! You're the best sister in the whole world! (nacho libre). Have a scrumdidlyuptious week.

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