Monday, October 21, 2013

Letter 5: Good day, good week

Hello mom!
Well this week has flown by! As the weeks now seem to do. It's so hard for me to express and let you know all the things that have happened and how much I feel like I've grown in such a short amount of time. This past week has been a really good one. I've been learning a lot of doctrine as well as Spanish  (i know quite a bit of Spanish now) Or at least i feel like I do haha. Understanding it when people speak it is something totally different. I can understand when gringos speak or when lations speak slowing but the average Chilean I would have a hard time understanding haha. The schedule is still the same with classes all day with breaks for lunch and what not but its gotten so much easier because i'm used to it now. Sundays are nice because we have days just filled with devotionals and no classes. I cant say that I always 100 percent attentive, i may doze off every now and then (the mornings are the hardest!) but its great. I learn a lot and we have longer breaks where we can go out and walk around on the temple grounds. Yesterday was soo beautiful here! I couldn't believe it, it was literally what i'd call the perfect day. I wanted to just go lay on the grass and take a day long nap or something. That's too bad about the weather there, i know how much dad LOVES winter haha but it's staying in the high seventies here. Es muy bueno!
Hey so really quickly, here's something awesome that happened this week. So during lunch we'll play soccer sometimes out on the court they have. And one day me and my district were playing when I looked over and saw 3 little Chilean kids standing and watching. So I went over and asked them "Quieren jugar??" which is want to play?? And they all smiled and shook their heads yes, so they start playing and it was awesome! Anytime they took the ball they would say "en su cara!" in your face! or gracias! Hahah by the end of the game there were about 8 or so little Chileans playing. I loved it, I just felt so happy when we were playing futbol with them. It made me excited to get out in Vina! Also every few days one of my teachers Herm. ARAYA has us go outside and talk to people on the temple grounds. It's hard but so cool to be speaking with people in Spanish.

I want you to know how much your testimony has helped me grow and has helped me during some of the difficult days out here. I think one of the reasons that I can/have been able to dig deep is because of you and dad. I've learned so much from your examples and you've taught me how to think for myself and how to rely on the Lord. I'm so grateful for that. As I was reading your email just barely I just felt happy, and at peace. I miss you guys, but not in a way of mourning. It's more of a happiness because I know you're all safe and happy, and i'm out here doing what I should. It's a great feeling really. My companion and my district will talk about our families sometimes and about how great calling will be when the time comes. I love talking about you guys and about home! I also love hearing about others families and experiences. It's great hearing their stories and their experiences.

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