Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Letter 3: The temple is the place to be.

Well this week has been really good. It's mostly been the same thing everyday, of classes, eat, more classes, eat, class, then sleep. We get about 30 minutes of exercise in the mornings. Hey in regards to your package, If you could send my I-pod loaded with church music from our computer, that would be awesome! I think we have a little white portable speaker too.. down in Brock and Bridger's room. If you haven't sent that package already then that would be awesome! If not that's okay, someone was saying that we don't get packages or letters at the MTC and that they go straight to our mission home?? |But i don't think that's right because A guy got a package who was staying here, and someone got a letter. So I'm pretty sure it should get here! I look forward to it!
Conference was so amazing! I have never taken so many notes as I did. There was so much that I wanted to remember and it was almost like I wanted to slow it down so I could get everything. It made me happy to think of you all have the traditional Sunday morning crepes and watching conference together. I definitely missed that! But the message was the same here as it was there.
So last Thursday I went into the temple, and beforehand I was feeling pretty down. I kept on praying, praying to know this is where I need to be. As we went through, I felt a calming feeling, especially during the film, (which was the old one by the way, pretty interesting). They had us but on headphones for English. Anyway, the second I stepped into the celestial room tears came into my eyes. This feeling just overpowered me. I sat down and began to pray, I just opened my heart to the Lord, I told him how I was feeling, my worries, my concerns, how I missed the family, just everything, I had this sense of peace, this sense of everything will be okay. The tears streamed down my face, and I was so thankful to have felt the spirit. When I looked up only a few people were left in the room. Finally I was the last one and one of the temple workers came and gave me a tissue. More than anything I didn't want to leave that room, ever. It was so beautiful and so peaceful. I had to go though, and as I left I felt so much better. There have still been trying days and moments, but I can look back on that experience for strength and for help. One more experience I had was just yesterday. Me and Elder Asay had just taught Ariel our investigator and it hadn't gone so well, mainly because the lesson just hadn't had the spirit. We went back to the classroom and our district (9 people all together) were doing Book of Mormon study in a circle. During this time we pick apart verses line by line and spend a lot of time talking about it and really understanding. Well, we sat down and talked for a while and at the end my DL Elder Tinney asked me to pray. I hesitated slightly because I felt so down and just not good. But I agreed and bent forward in my chair and began to pray, I got out one line and couldn't talk anymore because I was on the verge of crying, The Spirit was with me, I felt this peace, this love, and just this amazing feeling, I tried to continue a few times but could not, eventually and finished the prayer through my tears. When I finished I look up and Elder Tinney was in tears too. Ahhh, what an amazing experience this was! For all the difficulties that there seem to be at times, it's these moments that really keep me going and make me want to be out here. I want to feel The Spirit and God's love for me all the time. But to do that I need to continue to build my relationship with God and with the Spirit. I'm coming to realize how inadequate I really am. The only way I'm going to do this is through God's help, through your support and through the Holy Ghost. I'm so grateful to you for praying for me. I can feel your prayers each day, they strengthen me and lift me up, I pray for you all every single day as well. I love you so much, more than I can describe.  Thank you for setting such an amazing example for me. You and Dad have been so supportive, so loving, and in my mind near perfect parents.
Well I'm learning more Spanish everyday! Yesterday for the night we had an only Spanish speaking teacher and I understood at least 50 percent of what she was saying. Of course she was speaking mas lento or slowly, unlike real Chileans hahah but it feels good to improve and know more. I'm going to send some pictures right now! i LOVE YOU GUYS! thanks for the pictures by the way, send some in the package that I can hang up! Have a great week!!


Santiago Temple

Mason and his companion

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