Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter 51: Moises

Beautiful mother of mine!

Hey mom! You`re now New yorkers, that`s pretty exciting. Hahah i`m glad that your trip was fun and a great experience. Everytime I think about New York I think about when Trevor took me and we went to see the sacred grove and the hill cumorah. New York sure is an awesome place! It`d be sweet to experience the city too though. One day we`ll go! :)

Things are going pretty great here! This week we have worked really hard and we had a miracle happen on Saturday. So this whole transfer we have been looking and trying to find someone who can be baptized. Well after many attempts and people that ended up not working out so well we decided to go by an investigator that we had stopped teaching. His name is Moises and we stopped teaching him because he was ready to be baptized and we taught that lesson he told us he would never pay his tithing and that he didn`t care if God punished him. Well we had the impression to go by his house again (now about a month or so later), and he was completly changed. We entered into his house and right there on the table the scriptures were opened and marked. He had been reading almost the whole time we were gone. So long story short he told us that he understood that tithing was necesarry and that he was willing to pay it. He told us that he wanted to be baptized and that he wants to leave everything bad behind and start his new life. He told us how when he saw us at his door the impression came to him ¨this is your last chance..¨. We had been fasting that day and it was a direct answer to our prayers. We shared with him the scripture Mosiah 18: 8-11 and committed him to be baptized this coming Saturday. We left his house and I just felt like thanking God in a prayer so we found a quiet place that we could pray and just thanked Heavenly Father for having helped us out. It was awesome! Moises attended church yesterday and has his baptismal interview tomorrow. Pretty crazy right? And as to yoru question, yes, I have been focusing a lot more on the little things too and in reality it`s easy, it just takes a little more care and attention. I feel like it has helped though and I like that feeling. So this week has been a good one and we are excited for this Saturday! My companion and I still get along just fine. Every now and then we have little arguments but we always resolve them pretty quickly. We have different opinions on several things but we don`t let it impide our work. 

I`m glad your testimony meeting went so well because ours was one of those meetings not so great. We heard like 8 testimonies because every one took a ton of time explaining life stories instead of actually bearing their testimonies. But oh well, can`t win them all. I totally understand what that woman said though. I have seen it time after time on my mission how us members judge when we really should follow the Savior`s example of love and understanding. I`m guilty of it myself as a missionary sometimes. We just have to always take a step back and think and try to understand.

Well I think that`s my report for the week haha :) I love hearing from you and just being able to talk with you. The support you provide for me has been such a help during all of my mission. I love you mom and thank my Heavenly Father for you and the family everyday. Keep up the good work and have a fantastic week! Can you believe we are already in February??? Time is flying by. Love you!

Elder Barton

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