Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter 49: Interviews with President!

Hola Madre,

Hey mom, I`m doing pretty dandy this week! I feel a lot more used to my new area and basically like everything is normal again. There are really good members here and some...not so good as well haha. Some members are just so prideful it`s ridiculous but it`s all good there are more good than bad. Right now we are teaching a couple of people that want to get baptized they just have trouble doing the things that are required for baptism. We are teaching a 13 year old named Joseph, a 35year old named Juan, and a 15 year old named Martin. It sure has been interesting so far. I think all in all they need to understand that it`s great that they desire to be baptized but it requires effort as well. It`s not just a pretty experience they are going to have, it`s a promise they are going to make for life. So we are going to be focusing a lot more on that with them this week. Other than that we have been tracting a lot and visiting less active members. I like my area and the people here, I could do without the fleas but....I can`t really change that. The good thing is I cleaned the pension really well, washed the blankets, and sprayed insectiside and now there aren`t that many fleas. For these 2 weeks i`ve been here our hot water hasn`t worked so i`ve been heating up water and ¨showering¨ with that. Today a guy comes to fix that so we can shower normally haha. 

We have interviews with President TOMORROW! He will be coming to our pensions to inspect with the assistents and everything so needless to say we will be cleaning again today and making sure everything is ship shape. I`ll be sure to talk to him tomorrow and let him know about schooling and all. I`m looking forward to be able to talk with him and recieve more counsel and inspiration. My companion right now is district leader and he arrived one transfer before me. He`s actually pretty nervous for the interviews because he thinks President is going to get angry at him for not fulfilling and promise he made or something. That should be interesting. Other than that though not to much happened last week. Right now we are working so that this district can become a stake. They sent the solicitud to Salt Lake and we are waiting for the answer to see if we make it or not. In the meantime we are working a lot with the members so that they pay their tithing and that the less actives go to church! That`s awesome that you are now in a visiting teaching position that can make a difference. I know and have seen in my mission that the visits make a world of a difference. The hardest things here for the members are to do their visits and pay tithing. It`s like constant thing that we are reminding them to do. I know that you`ll be able to make a difference even if you don`t see the results right away. 

Well, all in all sounds like things are going great at home :) Everyone busy at work and doing there thing. I like your goal to go to the temple regularly. When I get home I will definitely go with you all the time! I miss you guys but I see that my time is less everyday here in the mission. I`m trying to take advantage of every day. I love you so much. I know that sometimes it`s hard being so far apart but I know that Heavenly Father has bless the family so incredibly much. What you said about how the missionaries come home changed if they worked hard is true. I hope that when I get home you can see that change in me. I don`t mean that my personality is going to be totally new but that I`ve been able to learn, grow, and become a genuinely better person. Thanks mom for all you do. Have a great week and enjoy the temple!!

Love, Elder Barton

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