Sunday, February 8, 2015

Letter 50: Dump Truck

Oh hey my favorite mom,

Hello! Oh woww this week has been crazzzy! Seriously I feel like sometimes I`m in a different country..oh wait. So basically this week a huge dump trunk dumped like literally a ton of trash of the side of the road and just so happened to dump in on top of a water pipe...turned out it was the main water pipe to about half the city. We didn`t have water for about three days! Hahah it was a good thing we had reserve water. The city ended up putting water stations all over the place and sending trucks fills with water around. You should have seen the people, it was ridiculous! I felt like I was in a mini apocalyps because when the water truck came by people ran and some fought to get water. We helped a less active member who can`t leave her house because her legs don`t work to get water with her 13 year old son. Crazy story right?

I agree time is pretty much flying by. I can`t beleive January is almost gone. We have transfers in two weeks, every transfer goes by faster and faster. That`s pretty weird though that the winter has been so mild, that means that next winter when i`m home it`s going to be not so mild (i hope). I just read through first Nephi two a week or so ago and it`s true. Laman and Lemuel had every oportunity to do things right and have a great life but they chose to harden their hearts and NOT listen. I think that is the difference between someone who is genuinely happy and someone who uses the world for happiness. We ALL have weaknesses, so did Nephi, but those who LISTEN to God and try to put in practice the Gospel and His teachings (even though they may fail), are those that feel like God is pleased with them. Like you said though it all comes down to gratitude, regaurdless of the situation. :)

Ah yeah! A package! I think after that pair of pants i`ll be good on pants for my whole mission. Also don`t worry about getting more shirts for now, I think those that I have will last. There are a few places here too that I can find some shirts. Beef Jerkey is the best, feel free to put whatever treats you wanna put, my companion is a fanatic of ¨gringo stuff¨ as he puts it. Oh hey and if you could, one of those tide stain remover pens again. Mine is almost out and has saved me so many times haha. NOw that i`m in a bigger city there a lot more places to eat and to shop, but we only go to the city part on Mondays. In my area there is harldy anything.

Sounds like your New York Trip is going to be great! And i`m sure Bridger is excited to stay home alone with Jeremy. Hahah yeah, good idea, you`ll have to call him. I only saw the New York temple from the outside but it was beautiful. I think one day we all (the whole family), need to do a session together and be in the Celestial room. Can you imagine? That would be the best.

Well basically we have been teaching several people, investigators and less actives. Honestly it`s been great when it comes to teaching, we have had some pretty productive and spiritual lessons but when the time comes to fulfill their commitments...not so great. Again we had commited several people to go to church and no one went. Sadly with our investigator Joseph we are thinking we might have to stop teaching him for a while and focus our attention on other people who are going to progress. We`ll see what happens though, we need to talk to about it first. Other than that we have been talking to a ton of people in the streets and knocking doors. We have had some success but a little slow right now. I had an interchange withmy zone leader and it was the best! He goes home in 2 weeks but when we were talking and everything I really saw the type of missionary I want to be when it`s my turn to go home. But this week we are going to work really hard and pray that we have success! Well mom, I love you Thiiiisssssss much! I hope you have a great week and enjoy New York! Thanks for your email. :)

Love Elder Barton

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