Monday, October 13, 2014

Letter 43: Staying in San Fransico de Limanache

Dear mother of mine,
Well it`s great to hear from you! I seriously love Mondays because I can always count on hearing from you and the family. I did get Trevor`s email and man did he get me laughing with the qoutes he gave me (my companion probably thinks i`m weird hahah...nah impossible). But more than that he is still killing it out there. Everyone now saluting him as ¨Sir¨, haha dang. It`s good to know how he is doing AND that he will be home for Christmas, the best part!
So transfers happened and my companion and I are both staying here in San Francisco de Limache! I get along really well with Elder Huertas. Honestly this past transfer has been a bit harder in terms of ¨success¨ and sometimes it`s makes me ask why? But as Trevor was telling me we just have to keep working and making ourselves better during these times and I feel that that`s true. I`m excited for this transfer and hope that it`ll go well! We actually didn`t have interviews with President just yet, we will have them on Thursday and i`ll be able to talk with him then.

So this past week has been pretty good. We were able to teach a lot of less active members and find a few new people to teach. It`s crazy because some days we have like 5 appointments set and one by one they don`t work out. Hahah but that`s just part of the mission. This past Sunday we had Stake conference and our stake President was changed. Elder Zeballos of the seventy and Pres. Kahnlein attended and both spoke. It was a really good conference and something that they said really stuck with me. They said that our job and priviledge as members of the church is to invite...that`s it. It`s so easy. We aren`t exactly responsible for if they accept or not but we have to at least invite others to come unto Christ. Other than that i`ve been thinking about conference still, I think i`m going to start listening to talks every Monday as I write so I can keep them fresh in my mind. An elder with about 4 months in the mission arrived in our district and Elder Silva (the brazilian), left. I was able to do an interchange with the new elder (Elder Henderson), and guess what?? He`s from Mapleton! Hahah it was pretty great. He is seriously one of the nicest people I`ve ever met. I sat there thinking wow...this kid is too nice and says thanks for EVERYTHING. I don`t know him super well but I do know that he has a love for others and it`s a great example for me. It will be good to get to know him and have a great transfer. But that`s about it for this week, my companion and I have been talking a lot about what we can do better and about the things that we can improve and how we can better follow the spirit. I think that really striving more to hear the spirit we will be able to be guided more in this work and be led to the chosen of the Lord.

I was thinking the same thing mom, time really is going by fast. In a several weeks i`ll be able to count the months on my! Not to mention i`m really excited to talk with you all on Skype for Christmas. It will be a great time. What do I want for Christmas? Hmm. That`s kind of hard, I have been thinking about a new camara because mine is kind of...lame haha. Some new ties?..umm socks. What else could a missionary in chile need? Maybe if you find something awesome to repel fleas (seeing as how summer is arriving here we are going to have a lot more of those). Obviously delicious treats :) annnd I will keep thinking. Do you have any ideas? Either way, the best part will be talking to you all!
I still have never had to speak in sacrament meeting at church while i`ve been here (so no, i`m not going to return an awesome sacrament speaker haha), but yes I do teach a lot. The second hour we have a class called Prinicples of the Gospel and for some reason, it doesn`t matter what ward i`m in, the person who has the calling to teach it doesn´t show up often, so we end up teaching it. :) But I like to teach. 

I`m going to go look around today for some new shoes and all. Thank you! But anyway time is running low so I just want you to know that I love you so much! I`m so grateful for you and the family. the support that you have given me has helped me so much. I miss you all! I hope you have a great week and I can´t wait to hear from you again!
Love Elder Barton
P.S. Tell Bridger GOOD LUCK with his superbowl! ;) haha
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