Sunday, November 2, 2014

Letter 44: Investigators

Dear...recipient :p

And October is.....almost over! Time is kind of a weird thing in the mission, the months just seem to keep passing by. Yeah I`ve heard that the weather is really nice there. Here it is getting pretty hot now. On Friday we had a day of about 34 degrees C...I forgot how much that is in Farenheit, but it feels so heavy with the humidity! Can`t same i`m terribly excited for summer but hey, I can`t change it so I`ll just have to accept it. Yeah the interview went really well and the next time I talk with him will be in December. I email him every week and could mention something but I don`t know I think in an interview would be better, what do you think? I promise to let him know!

That`s so exciting about Trevor, I bet he`ll be happy to finally see you all again! He told me that word has it his first assignment is going to be in South Korea WHAT! That would be pretty crazy. But anyway tell Bridger flying is awesome. Did he come with us when Uncle Monty let me and Brock fly the airplane? I don`t remember, but that was the coolest thing! Then when he told me that I was going to land it, I thought we all were going to die. Good thing we didn`t eh? Haha.

Man I wish I could have seen his superbowl! That`s too bad they lost by just a touchdown but I bet they played hard. Tell Bridger congrats! I bet that he is going to be taller than all of us kids when he gets older. Everyone here says that if you play basketball you grow...I don`t know what happened to me.

Esther`s story is a good one. It would take some serious courage and trust in God. You`re in the primary right? What age do you teach? Job another extreme story, it`s interesting how God teaches us with extremes. I think that it`s to leave out all doubt or leave out the question ¨to what point?¨. I`m just grateful that i`m not asked to pass through what Job passed through. Good luck with your class this week! Yeah we have been giving him scriptures to read and calling him for a few minutes everyday. He is a lot more motivated. His family keeps going to church on Sundays and all. Actually they said something really interesting. His wife said ¨I just want a miracle, I know God is a God of miracles and I need a miracle now. I told my husband that if God saves him i`ll give myself in service to the church and stop holding back¨. I hope that in our service to God and the church we never find ourselves in a moment of crisis regretting not having given our time and attention to God and the church. It doesn`t matter if the leaders aren`t ideal or if someone offends us, we know our responsibilities. It made me said to hear her say that but at the same time sometimes it takes thigns really big like this crisis to make people realize what they need to do.

This week has been really good. Alejandro and Lorena came to church again yesterday! We are so excited and happy for them, honestly they already share a lot of the standards we have and participate a lot in the classes. We only teach them on weekends because of their work but this Friday we are going to extend the invitation to be baptized. He is a phycologist and she is a nutritionist. They both are really good people and have sincere desires to know the truth. It`s been a great opportunity to teach them and hear and answer some of their questions. Pray that all goes well :). We have done alot of walking lately haha, but that`s nothing new. We have found a couple of new people to teach, one guy named Miguel that has millions of questions! Hahah we taught a lesson and it was basically just asking and answering questions, but the good thing that it`s a real desire to learn, not just questions to make a conflict. 

My suits are navy and gray. I still haven`t been able to get new shoes but i`m going to look again today, no worries. The chips did just find in my last package surprisingly haha, just a little smashed. Yeah Trevor is awesome! 

I love you guys so much. I hope you know that. I hope that this week goes great for you all and that you keep enjoying the good weather! Thanks for all of your support and love. I love being able to hear from you all every week. It`s true that life has a lot of unexpecteds, i`m sorry to hear about Bryce. Love you mom!

Love, Elder Barton

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