Sunday, October 12, 2014

Letter 41: Rubi Staying Strong

Whuttup momm, Jk, Dearest mother,
Hahah hey! I have to agree General Conference was amazing. More than anything it recharges the the batteries and gives me a ton of motivation and inspiration, it definitely is a blessing to have a living prophet, apostles, an inspired men and women. I think one of my favorite talks was Elder Bednar at the end. Talk about how it applies to me now, sometimes as missionaries I think that we have a lot of pressures and things that they require of us and it can be overwhelming but in reality I just have to remember why I`m here...I want to give to those what has saved and healed me. There were a lot of good talks and it seems like this conference they were all pretty clear and direct.
Jazmin went over? That`s awesome! Yeah she has been writing me too and it seems like she is doing really well, she is happy and I know that she is being blessed.
Well the situation here in San Francisco de Limache is a little hard at the moment for a few reasons. My companion is pretty discouraged because he has had much success in about 5 months. He feels pretty discouraged too that he will be 24 this month and he thought that by now he would be a super good missionary that good basically do everything. In other words I think it has to do with what we talked about a little while ago, the things we focus on will be bigger. I told him that this morning that we need to look at all the good that is happening, especially after this general conference. He feels a little blah also because we have interviews next week I think and President isn`t usually very ¨soft¨ on those who haven`t baptized. I explained that hey, that`s his job, is to make sure that the work of salvation continues. Maybe he doesn`t do it the way that we like but he shouldn`t worry. Success will come as we are faithful. Yesterday my companion and I received a call from a lady named Rubi who got baptized in July. I answered her call and she was in tears. She had arrived at the chapel and no one was there, no one had explained that the conference would take the place of regular church. She began to say how alone she felt and how her financial situation was so tight that she just couldn`t continue on. She then said that it would be better if she just went home and didn`t go to church anymore. As you can imagine at that moment I was praying that I would say the right thing and I told her to stay there and that we would go and meet with her right now. So we left and went to a little park by the church and began to talk to her. I prayed along the way that we would be able to say the right things to her. When we arrived we talked for a few minutes casually and I was able to share an experience with her that made us both cry a bit ( i honestly don`t normally cry when I`m teaching, but this time was different), I was able to understand how she felt and I don`t know, I just felt compassion. My companion shared Joseph Smith`s experience in jail where he spent the winter and endured a lot of affliction and how the Lord says that our afflictions will be but a small moment, and if we endure them well, God shall exalt thee on high. Long story short she was able to trust in the Lord and go to the conference and continue on. I made the point to my companion that what he shared with Rubi is exactly what he needs in this moment. I know that it`s hard when things don`t work out the way you want (trust me! I know!), but in the end we just have to keep being faithful and strive to be happy.
Speaking of which we have transfers this Wednesday! I`ll be sure to let you know what happens of course. I have no idea what will happen so it should be interesting. 3 short months and we will talking on SKYPE, don`t worry i`ll practice my English this time so that I can speak more fluidly haha. I will look around her for some shoe shops, I have found a few but i`ll look more into it and if I find a good pair ill get it. I think it will be better too rather than risk them getting stolen. As for starting school in August I really do think it would be a good idea as well and I`ll talk with President about it and tell him all the information. Obviously it`s not something of having everyone just wanting me home but several months of idle time isn`t a great idea, i`m pretty sure he`ll be supportive about it. 

Trevor emailed me but it was short. His training looks so awesome though! I`m happy he could watch the Conference too. Speaking of which MAN I miss the crepes! Hahah i`m going to eat so many when I get home, seriously. Well mom, I sure do miss you and the family. I love you guys so much and have really thought and acknowledged how much of a blessing it is to have such a loving and supportive family.
You are the best! Love you!

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