Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letter 22: Smoking weed?

Hey mom! Wow...lots of questions..haha let me start my just going down the list and answering them so I dont forget.

Things with they new companion are really good! We get along super well...although yes, I have to speak spanish all of the time now instead of just when I feel like it, or when we are with other people haha. Its funny because sometimes I will just speak English not even realizing that im doing it and my companion will just look at me like what....haha so I have to work on that one. Or just teach him English, whichever.
Its actually pretty funny because Pervuians and Chileans have rivalry so that makes things interesting sometimes. 
Yeah my President is really strict...its super hard to be obedient to everything. Actually whats frustrating is that the Elders who were here before us werent super obedient, they went into houses when there wasnt men in the house (one of our rules is that we can enter into house where women are solo unless there is a boy of 16 or older), they did things like that. And now that we are here and we dont do it, some of the members and recent converts think that we are super lame. Literally this one lady told us that straight up, she told us how lame we awere and how great the other elders were because they would stay for hours in her house and they would hang out there and watch movies and just a bunch of stuff like that. And so now with us, we dont do all of those things, obviously becuase its against the rules, and so its hard for them to adjust I guess. It really is hard though, to have some of these rules that make us seem distant, if that makes sense? I understand the rules and why they are there, but it is hard sometimes. Oh well, we have to be obedient! In the long run its better!
I like my president and have a ton a respect for him! I also always feel super anxious when im around him because I dont want to do something wrong haha...its pretty bad. Overall though he is a great guy, and he has a love for his missionaries. 

The work here is going pretty well. We are in a hard area, where not a lot of people want to listen. But we are teaching this one family right now named the Tapia Family and wow. We taught the plan of salvation a few days ago and there was just a spirit there that everyone could feel. They also came to church for the second time yesterday! It was awesome. We are going to teach them later today as well. I feel like they are going to get baptized, we are going to give them some goals today and help them along. We will see! 
My companion was actually in the MTC with me. But he is from Peru so he came to the MTC for only 2 week while i was there 6. We knew each other a bit before but now a lot more. But in the mission field we have the same time, so its pretty sweet. We have been working hard and have been enjoying ourselves. He has a way good sense of humor! Hahah finally!! Obviously there are a few pet peeves, with any companionship, but other than that we are good. I have to teach him TO CLEAN UP AFTER HIMSELF. Oh my gosh...also chew with his mouth closed. I really have no idea why, but when someone chews with their mouth open it literally makes me angry, I cant even stop it. Its like this feeling builds up in my chest and I just get mad hahaha...it sounds so silly to say but its the truth. 

I didn't even know that the Miss Springville Pageant existed...but that's cool! I figured that you didn't go with Dad hahah...can you imagine? That sound like just his thing. I'm sure Bridger would have loved to go as well haha. But I'm glad to hear that wedding planning is coming along and that its mostly stress free. Also that work is all good and picking up some!

This week has been interesting. First of all I cleaned my house like none other...you should have seen the before and after. Wow. Especially the bathroom. I don't know how Elders live is such nasty places and never want to clean...sigh..I feel like the President is going to send me to dirty pensions just because I will not live in a nasty place, so I will have to clean it haha. But seriously, it looks good now. Also when I arrived there was a broken window and a cat kept coming in at night and going through our trash. So we boarded up the window until we buy a new one. The cat loves to hang around out side our house though and its the grossest looking cat ever. Its tale is totally bald and looks like its molding. So I'm trying to think of a way to poison it or something. My companion has a slingshot and I ALMOST hit it the other day. It was right outside our door so I got a coin in the slingshot all ready and then yanked open the door and by the time is was on top of the fence, I shot, and it JUST missed. Next time. Haha. Then while we were contacting we found a family outside their house. After talking with them they told us the smoked marijuana and that we wouldn't want to share our message with them. We told them it was fine and that we share with everyone. He then said something way slurred that I didn't understand...and so assuming that he said do you want to come in I said yes! Turns out he had asked me if we wanted to smoke with them...haha, oops. 

But that has been my week. We have been looking for people and visiting with the members. OH! Also our branch mission leader is hilarious! He reminds me exactly of Cory our cousin! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. He does this disco impression to staying alive and oh wow, hes great haha. I'm way excited to work here in Los Vilos! Oh yeah, I also got the address for dad if he wants to see it. The address is [ Los Alcatraces 655, Los Vilos,] That would be our house. Also...I thought of some ideas for the package this past week. Here are ideas...you don't have to include everything. My iPod, voice recorder (oh yeah, so during the change from coquimbo to here...I LOST MY JOURNAL, the one the dad gave us forever ago, seriously I cant even think about it or i just get way frustrated, so I'm thinking now I'm going to do my journal through voice recorder, or maybe I can buy it here? I don't know. Also I can send the recordings every week so you all can listen if you want), a mini photo book of photos, all the missionaries have one except me haha, more garments, anddd delicious food. That's what I thought of this week...ill keep you posted haha. 

Anyway, I love you!! Thanks for always writing me, you're the best! I hope you guys have an awesome week!! I will be sure to attach some photos. Take care!

Mason's companion right now. 

After a haircut. Apparently it's messed up. 

After Mason "fixed" it. 

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