Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Letter 35: No more soccer = more people will listen!

Hey mom!

Happy Monday to you too! Yes the Chileans actually are really happy that Argentina lost hahah. So many people have been bothering my companion about and even though it´s funny I feel bad. He´s been a good sport though so it´s all good. It is crazy how worked up they get sometimes, we went to eat some completos the other day when Holland was playing and they showed the same thing when they lost, a lot of tears. But the best part is...drum roll please...No one is going to be too busy with soccer to listen to the missionaries! Woooo! Hahah seriously, you´d be surprised how much of a problem that is sometimes.

That´s so good to hear that Trevor is doing awesome at basic training. Haha that´s just like him to get such high scores that he got to call home! His letter was awesome too, he was good enough to include some hilarious qoutes from our childhood. He sounds like he is killing it out there and has improved a ton! He already graduates the 12th of August?? Time really is just flying by.

A lot of physical changes in the house, you should take some pictures so I can see! Sounds like you guys are just going to work there. It´s true, changes are this Wednesday and i´m getting change to.....I still don´t know haha. I will know Tuesday. I´m a little anxious (as always) BUT I trust that I will go..or stay..where I need to. We had another baptism on Saturday! Schlomit got baptized and then confirmed yesterday. I was able to participate in her confirmation and it was great! The service went really well and she is now a member of the church! We went to visit Bernardita and Felipe yesterday. They left for vacations a few days ago to puerto oscuro, it´s about 40 minutes away. So yesterday we took a bus there and were able to see where she grew up and meet her whole family. We ate some delicious homemade bread and were able to talk for a while. The best part is that we taught them about temples and put goals for them to go as a family (or all those who are baptized). It was amazing to teach them and see them have the instant desire to go to the temple and to be sealed. I know they will be so blessed and they continue in the church. I´ll be sad to leave them if I end up going but i´m so grateful to have met them. 

The weather is ¨cold¨ but it´s never ridiculous or anything. It would be like our fall a little bit, just with more rain. I haven´t got shoes yet! I went to a good store and they didn´t have my size. But maybe with the changes I will have a better store near by, we´ll see. I promise to keep looking.

Wow you have a busy month coming up in August! Sounds really exciting. 25 years?? Man you guys are getting old ;) nah just kidding. I have never heard of the Domincan Republic as a vacation place, but that´s cool! You´ll have to let me know wher eyou end up going. Be sure to take pictures of Trevor´s graduation. He will probably be ripped by the time he is done.

All is well and good here so no worries. It´s been an interesting transfer but i have learned a lot I feel like. I can´t believe it´s already almost 10 months! And Hunter Brown completes his year mark this month! Wow. Before you know it we will be talking on skype again! I love you so much! I hope you have a wonderful week! I´m always praying for you all. 

Love Elder Barton

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