Friday, July 11, 2014

Letter 34: Birthdays and Baptisms!

Hey Mom!

I can´t believe I´m 19. My last year of being a ¨teenager¨, pretty sure I thought this day would never come haha. I had a pretty good birthday for several reasons! On wednesday after our district meeting my district (Elder Bush, Elder Morales, Sister Frandsen, Sister Sosa, and the Schramm couple), sang to me a brought out a dessert with candles! It was pretty awesome because instead of a cake they brought out this dessert roll that looked like the pumpkin roll you would always make for me (but no, it did not taste nearly as good haha). On Thursday we worked as normal and were able to teach Bernardita and Felipe and afterwards my branch mission leader took me out to buy a frozen pizza, chips, and a drink. So all in all it was really good! Of course I missed you guys and all, but I felt happy and like I wasn´t alone or anything. Okay, so as for birthday presents I think I got the best birthday present which was.....FELIPE AND BERNARDITA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! They were baptized yesterday after our church meetings and it was so spiritual. Felipe wanted me to baptize him so I was able to do that while my companion baptized bernardita. Bernarda´s sister is a member and was able to speak on baptism and the holy ghost and wove in the eternal family. As she spoke she started to cry and so did Bernardita. After we baptized them both and after we had changed and everything Felipe started to cry. Man, that kid is just super sincere and can feel the spirit. I gave him a hug and told him congratulations and all. Overall it was a really good day! I felt really happy to be able to be an instrument in the Lord´s hands. These two baptisms came from Him and they were prepared before we met them. Their family was able to attend as well and feel the spirit, especially who mom who is catholic. Overall it was an amazing day! I will be sure to send pictures.

More than that we had interviews today with President Kahnlein! Bum bum bum....No just kidding. It was pretty good. Actually we got the call last night that he was going to be there at 8:45 in the morning! So we did some mad last minute cleaning and got all ready haha. The interview was actually very edifying. He was happy about the baptisms and some of the personal goals that I set for this change. He also said ¨hmm, three transfers already in Los Vilos..thats a lot of time, maybe its time for a change¨. Also he told me he was grateful to have me in the mission and that I have never made a problem for him. He was really motivating and kind this time, it was nice. In other words, it´s probable that I will be heading out to a new area this change, we´ll see! By the way, transfers are the 16th of July.

Okay funny story, I´ve told you my comp is a little...different haha. Well yesterday being the fifth sunday we had a meeting with everyone except the primary for the 3rd hour. Us missionaries were to give a training on home teaching each taking about 20 minutes. Well Elder Bush and Elder Morales take about 30 minutes and then we go up for our turn. I kid you companion talked for 20 minutes with out giving me a change to talk! Can you believe that?? Hahah I looked out into the congregation and saw people kind of laughing because they knew what was going on haha. My district leader finally caught his attention to give me time and we had 10 minutes left for the sisters so I just gave my testimony. Afterwards my DL told me to talk with my companion about it. Hahah so I talked about it with him and we a little ¨discussion¨} about that and other things that have happened. All in all, we are doing good! 

Chile is super sad that they lost and I am still able to brag that the states are still in it! I hope that it lasts. That´s awesome that you guys went ot see the Thunderbirds! I thought they didn´t fly anymore because of cutbacks? But anyway, I want to see photos! I remember going to an air show once and having to throw away my pocket knife :( but it was ridiculously cool so it was worth it. You will have to take pictures of the parade and fireworks this week. It was awesome because they celebrate Saint Peter down here or something and did fireworks the other night so I felt a little more like it was  July. The weather is cooling down here big time, I still haven´t bought my shoes because the quality here in Los Vilos is sub par...hahah. When I go to Illapel or Viña I will buy some I think.

Well I hope Trev gets my letter soon. I can imagine that he wants to get some mail (I know how he feels! Haha ). But I pray for him everyday and know that he is doing well. I also pray for you guys everyday too and know that you are all well and blessed! I know, it is hard to not see eachother for so long but we will see eachother at Christmas! And then a little time and i´ll be home already. Its very true what you said though, push through the hard days because they won´t last and then soak up every good minute of my mission because one day I will be home. I sure do miss you all though! I miss joking with you and talking with you and your delicious dinners! hahah

Alright mom, I hope you have a great week! Please take pictures I will send you some of mine right now! Love you!


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