Monday, May 5, 2014

Letter 28: Stand work

Hey mom,

Well another Monday, and another day closer to SKYPE! I´m excited to be able to talk with you all again! I think we are going to be doing it in the chapel or something like that. Who knows...I just know that I will have it all figured out by Sunday..haha. Oh my, I seriously can´t believe all that is happening there this month! My sister getting married and graduating college, my brother leaving to military training, just a whole bunch of stuff. I think that you and I are a lot alike in that we struggle with big changes like this. I guess the good thing is that I won´t have much time to think about it haha but still, it´s so weird. I'm sure the first few week are going to be super different for you and for Brock, Bridge and Dad. Speaking of which Bridger is getting so big I can´t even believe it! And Brock looks way good too, plus he has a sweet hairstyle (probably learned it from me ;) ) hahah. Ah wow, in these times of changes, as happy and full of promise they are, it´s always great to remember that our family is eternal. Nothing can separate us from each other except...well, us. I love you all so much and am grateful every single day for all of you.

The family that we are working with....oh boy. There are just a ton of little things that are stopping their progress. Don´t get me wrong, they´re progressing, but the family issues that they have have been a bit of a struggle. They still have to get married and with the issues they have with each other they aren't sure what they want to do. We have brought members with us to teach and they have born their testimonies of families and we have had lessons that have been really spiritual. Elvia came with us to church yesterday and finally stayed all 3 hours which was awesome. Luis is going to church in Iquique with his son. Things are going well and I believe with time they will make it to baptism. Other than that we have found a few new investigators and are working with them. Other than that it´s been a bit of a slow week.

We received these ¨stands¨ from church headquarters and are standing that have a question printed on them. The questions are ¨how can I find peace and happiness....Is there life after death..¨ things like that. We go and set up the stands in the street in 2 hour shifts and we wait for people to come to us and look interested to start talking to them. Yesterday was our very first shift as a companionship and it was....hahah pretty long. In the whole 2 hours we talked with about 2 or 3 people. The idea is that the people have to look interested and kind of stop and then we go and contact them (as we were instructed). So it was pretty funny. Not only that but WAY out of my comfort zone, that´s for sure. As we were doing this the sister missionaries passed by and started to laugh and asked us how it was going, we told them and then it was our turn to laugh because they have to do it next. The new sister missionary here is having some troubles adapting to Los Vilos, we asked her how she was liking it here and she just kind of laughed and said it was difficult.

In other news....we started our English classes this week! We had few students...but it was a start. I had the idea that we are going to do a beginners class and a class for intermediate people. There are a good number of people here who now the basics of English and are ready to move on. So we are printing stuff today and are going to post papers in the schools and supermarkets and we will see how it goes this week. 

Well mom, there isn't a whole lot of new. I think that I'm just really trying to improve and learn. To be honest this change and the last one have been really challenging with Elder Gonzales. Like I've said we get along but it´s hard for him to follow the rules and he has a problem with girls. I understand that all of us have weaknesses but every week we go over how we can improve individually and as a companionship and he always says that he wants to change and get better but there is no change in his actions. It´s really hard for me too because I'm definitely not perfect and i's a lot easier to fall or disregard rules when in reality..the main person you rely upon for support (excluding our Heavenly Father of course), isn't there to support you in that way. I know ultimately I have the decision to be obedient and am accountable for my actions. It´s just hard for me sometimes and hard to have trust in him. I want to help, I just don´t know how at this point. We have talked and talked and talked, my district leader has even talked with him...but the things don´t change. On the bright side, I love my district, every Monday Me, Elder Bush, Elder Benavente and Elder Gonzales play basketball and we all get along super well. We have become close as a district and all want success and to help this branch. I've been able to feel the Holy Ghost more in my daily life and have been learning a lot of things from reading and studying everyday. 

Hahah oh wow mom...yes my hair is fineeee. How is yours? Looks like Brock is sporting a sweet look. I still haven´t gotten that package. I´m hoping that you put pictures of Mary or Jesus on it..seriously it works. One person taped the 10 commandments on their package with the 7th bolded and enlarged hahaha. Well we will just hope a pray it arrives. OH! I just got a letter yesterday...guess when it was sent? NOVEMBER 23rd!!!! In other words, half a year later, I got the letter. Awesome, this whole mail system. Hahah I love you guys so much! see you in Skype!


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