Monday, April 21, 2014

Letter 26: Easter thoughts.

Hello my wonderful mother! was a pretty good day! (Minus the fact that the member who gave us lunch forgot...haha), so we will forget about what we ate and pretend I ate ham and cheesey potatoes haha. We had some good messages focused on Christ and His life. I still haven´t had the opportunity to speak in church, but thats just fine with me haha! It´s weird that even though I´m not really nervous to teach people outside and in their houses now, I still get nervous to give talks in Sacrament meeting.  I´m glad that your sacrament meeting was a good one as well. In reality, despite all of the weaknesses that we have and the mistakes that we make, Christ´s atonement is there for every one of us.  The package STILL hasn´t come...I have no idea why but I will be waiting a few more weeks for the next opportunity. We have transfers this Wednesday already! This change has pretty much flown by. Who knows if i´ll be changed, maybe my comp...maybe the area..ahhh you know how I am! I hate sitting there thinking about changes that are coming..ESPECIALLY when I don´t know them haha. However I feel a lot more comfortable with changes now thanks to the mission. 

I have been thinking a lot this week about several things, one of those being the inner battles that all of us have. I don´t think I have ever noted how often our inner battles take place (big or small), as much as I have in the mission. They happen every day, and sometimes for long periods of time. We may be distracted with things throughout the day but after all is said and done, that battle is still going on. Obviously the two sides are what God wants, and what the natural man (or Satan) wants. I was thinking the other day on the changes, and the though came into my mind ¨I want an easy companion¨. I have a good companion right now and we get along really well, but this change has been a hard one to stay obedient, I let myself fall a little instead of building my companion up. A few weeks ago I started to change that and we have become a lot better. But that thought that came into my mind, I want an easy companion, just lingered and I realized that it wasn´t a good thought. The whole point of the mission is to learn and grow, and help others to do so as well. I want companions that will help me grow and become who God wants me to be. Have you ever wondered why it is so hard sometimes to put your trust in The Savior and in our Heavenly Father?...They are two Gods who want and work for our salvation, our happiness, and our families and yet we fall and don't live up to our potential because of our lack of trust. So that´s one thing i´m going to be working on and thinking about. To simply trust. There are a lot of unknowns in the mission and in life in general. But the one thing that is known, is that we have a Father, and an older brother who will never forsake us and never leave us alone. If we put our trust in them and do their will (which in reality should be our will as well), everything will be okay. I´m grateful for this Easter season and for the resurrection of Jesus Christ. I´m so happy and blessed to have you all as my family. guys are the best haha. And although I wont be with you all for a little while, I look forward to that happy day when I see you all again. Oh..and we get to skype next month! Woo! But I want to thank you all for your support and prayers for me. They are needed an felt. I love you guys!

Okay, a little about the week. On the bright side, there haven´t been any other earthquakes or Tsunamis or fires (although yesterday there was a HUGE brown cloud behind the mountain and everyone thought it was fire but it was just a cloud). It´s probably just that we´re all a little sketched out now. Speaking of sketched out, I taught my companion that phrase. Hahaha. But we have been teaching Elvia and her family still, her daughter went to the hospital to have her baby. She was there for 3 days with really bad pains in Illapel, we sent the Elders who were there to the hospital to give her a blessing. She ended up not having her baby and is now at home waiting. We were disappointed to hear that Elvia possibly will be moving to Iquique...but we will see how that all works out. Luis leaves for another month Thursday. But we called the other Elders in Iquique and asked them to work with him and teach him there. It will just take some time! We are hoping and praying for the best. I had an interchange with the zone leader this week and it was a pretty good day. We had one appointment and the rest of the day was pure It was a long day, but good, we have a lot of appointments today, tomorrow, and wednesday. We were disappointed because not one of our investigators attended yesterday. We passed by their houses in the morning but no one woke up. It´s pretty frustrating, but we have to have patience. This week has gone by pretty quickly! 

This coming week we have interviews with President Kahnlein. This man is just full of the spirit. I always come away from the interview feeling motivated and better than I did before the interview so i´m excited for the chance (if not a little nervous too, you just have to understand that all missionaries feel this way about their president, i´m sure Trevor and dad understand haha). Your experience at Carrabas made me happy. I love hearing about experiences of service, things so simple can have big impacts. There are some good people in this world! I love you guys, I know that you´re all doing good things and that you´re happy. Be safe this week! 

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