Monday, April 14, 2014

Letter 25: A slow week.

Hey Mom,

Well Chile sure does seem to be taking a beating. Sad thing is I feel like it isn´t over. But who knows, we will have to wait and see. The last time I heard there are about 2000 houses destroyed, but I'm sure you all are more updated than me. As far as I know all of the missionaries are okay there as well. For now all the missionaries in Valpo, Viña and those areas are helping with the clean up, relief, and reconstruction. There is supposed to be a big earthquake this Wednesday or today...that's what the researcher people said, but I don't think you can really predict earthquakes? I guess we will see. We hope that everyone is well there though, I can´t imagine how hard that would be, to lose your entire home and everything you have.  Today we had a death in our ward. A little baby got pneumonia and wasn´t able to make it. The family is obviously going through a hard time, but the ward is doing all they can to help. It´s at times like these that I can imagine how grateful they are to have a knowledge of the gospel and have a surety their child is is the Celestial Kingdom and one day, they will be together again. We such amazing blessings. I want to live in a way that those blessings will be brought to pass.

That´s great that Deanna had her reception and the wedding went smoothly. I loved seeing those pictures, looks like they found a beautiful place for the reception and that you all had fun! I´m sorry to hear that Grandma doesn´t remember people anymore...It makes me sad to think about. Memories of her teaching me how to read in school have come to my mind every now and then, how she would always bring the sour gummy bears as prizes too. I sure do miss that, she is an amazing Grandmother, despite some of our more weird experiences haha (such as the french toast that we could only cook 5 seconds on each side). I hope that all goes well there. 

I can´t believe either that in a short time it will just be you, dad, Brock, and Bridger at home...that´s crazy. I´ve actually had some difficulty thinking about that. It´s kind of hard to take in all of this change, especially being so far away. But I´m happy and blessed to know that all of you are doing well and are happy as well. 

We have our family of investigators that are progressing. Luis, the husband was supposed to come home last Saturday or Sunday but he had problems with his ride and so he might not even make it home. He works 30 days and 10 days of rest...if he doesn't make it home it will be another 30 days. It´s hard to hear that, especially when we want them to be able to talk about the marriage and put it into more progress. Both of them want to get married...but it requires that he is home. We just have to be patient there but they are coming along. Elvia´s daughter Macarena is going to have her baby any day now. We taught them last night and she was having contractions. Possibly we will be able to baptize Macarena and her sister Millaray soon. It really just all depends on if they feel ready or not. I´ll keep you posted. 

This week has been kind of a slow one. We haven´t been able to do a whole lot. It was our mission leader´s birthday and we got him a cake with the other missionaries and sisters. I heard some pretty crazy member told me that the Bermuda triangle was a portal to another universe (I had told her I like astronomy), and that there are random portals throughout the world. So that´s good to know! Also, there is going to be a lunar eclipse here on Tuesday and supposedly, if you are pregnant and touch your belly on a lunar eclipse they are going to be born with a mark on their face...Sometimes I just have to shake my head. ESPECIALLY when my companion agrees and thinks the same thing. But that´s just some random things. In all honesty Los Vilos is pretty hard area to work in. Some of the members compare it to Sodom and Gamora. It is hard because it feels like no one wants to change. There are a lot of people who just want their beer, their drugs, their way of life. Change is almost a taboo. Some days I just feel weighed down, I feel like I´m not making a difference.But I know that those feelings aren´t from The Holy Ghost. It´s something that I have to overcome and work on, to feel more positive and hopeful. I want to help people, I want to see people come to have  a deeper and more profound happiness, a joy. Its just frustrating when they don´t want that.

Something that I have realized on my mission is just how much I need to improve. Going on a mission gave me the title of missionary and representative of Jesus Christ. I´m trying to live up to these titles and truly become better. I want my mission to change me for the better. I want to be able to rely fully on my Savior. This change has been difficult to be obedient, ultimately it´s my fault, but it´s hard because my companion never gets up on time, likes to take his time and isn´t super focused on the mission. He´s an awesome person, but it is hard to stay focused and be obedient when the person i´m with 24/7 is having trouble. It is also partially my fault because I should be more direct and tell him that we need to be better. I´m going to start now, I just hope that all goes well and he takes it well.

I want to thank you so much for all the love and support you´ve given me. I have been SO blessed in my life and much of that is thanks to you and the family. ALL of it is thanks to my Father in Heaven and Jesus Christ. I love you more than words can express, im glad you are all safe and doing well! 

Love you!
Oh..supposedly we get our packages on Wednesday, so we will see! I hope so! Also if you haven't sent the package off yet..maybe include and Hymn book in English and caramel apple suckers haha. If you can! If not that's fine.

Also, if you and the family could pray for me to be strengthened spiritually. To have a comfort and peace. I love you guys and am praying for you all. 

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