Friday, November 29, 2013

Letter 9: Good exchanges and fleas bites!

I know, it's crazy how the weeks just seem to pass by at times! It also just depends on the day for me. Some days are really, really slow, but then overall when I look back over the week it seems to have flown by. But things this week have been really good for the most part! Yesterday and on Saturday we had District meeting as the whole district of Coquimbo. There are about 5 churches in our zone area and all attended. President Kahnlein came up for the sessions as well. I guess this meeting is a once a year thing. But the big "buzz" around here was about the changing of the limits of the branches. Basically our area El Llano got reduced in size and The Parte Alta and San Juan absorbed some of our area. We got a new Branch President who is apparently a super cool guy (according to Elder Hale). Also because of these changes, missionary efforts/areas are going to change a bit in December when we have our next transfers. I'm not sure whats going to happen but Ill let you know! Seeing Pres. Kahnlein was awesome! He had interviews with several of the missionaries here including me and he asked how things were going and what not and then asked if I was getting to know the area and the people. I said yeah, definitely trying, and he told me "Good, because you might be here a while" Hahaha, so who knows, I could be here for some time. Elder Hale has been here for 5 months knows, The missionaries up north usually have longer stays in their areas. President also told me that I needed to be memorizing areas because I MIGHT be getting a new comp, and then added the disclaimer of "but we will see, I don't know yet". But for how long Elder Hale has been here and how from what the Zone leaders were saying I'm pretty sure ill have a new comp in December! 
Let''s see, ah yes. I went on exchanges with one of the Zone leaders this past Tuesday, His name is Elder Faught and me and him get along SO well! It was an awesome experience and the area we were in, La Cantera, is a bit of a nicer place. We were able to find 3 new investigators and teach some pretty solid lessons. We taught one of his investigators named Juan, who was supposed to get baptized yesterday but on Saturday he decided to smoke again. So he wont be getting baptized for a least a little while. After the day though we went back to the pension and I went to be in the bed of Elder Alvarez who is Chileano and guess what?? I woke up with about 60 Flea bites all over my arms, legs, and a few on my stomach. -_- needless to say I wasn't very happy. You know how paranoid I get about things like that so when I got back to my pension I washed just about EVERYTHING I had and obviously the clothes I wore over there because I didn't want to have fleas anywhere near my pension hahah. I still have the bites on me and I have to be super careful not to itch any or I wont stop itching them. But yeah, we call the Zone leaders every night and that night I was like grandpa (grandpa because he trained elder hale, who is my "dad"), what the heck man! You gave me fleas! And all he had to say was welcome to Chile. What a punk. He's actually really awesome, but ill have to teach him some basic hygiene apparently.
The work here is good but its also kinda hard. There aren't a whole lot of people who want to listen to us. For example the excuse I've heard over and over that really gets annoying is "I believe in God, but in my own way".....What is that? Hahah Who knows. But we have 2 new investigators that are really good. Their names are Caroll and Paola, Paola wanted to get baptized from our first lesson and Caroll is just really interested. Neither of them came to church yesterday unfortunately, one felt sick and the other had work. So many people here work on Sunday. But we're working with them and hopefully they'll be able to progress. I definitely need to work on being patient and being sincere as well. Sometimes when we're contacting and we are getting rejected a lot or no one seems interested I just stop hoping or believing someone will be interested. But I need to change that and give everyone a fair chance. Its hard to see people so easily discard our message. Its like we have this amazing gift and people don't even want to see or hear it. A lot of our work is with less actives though, there are an unreal amount of less actives and in-actives! Its insane. We are keeping busy though, so that's good! 
Haha funny story, this week we were at an investigators house and Harry Potter was on the T.V. and I really had to stop myself from watching it because I love Harry Potter. It kind of helped that it was in Spanish. Oh and Chile would be a prime place to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. 80 percent of the houses here have fences, walls, or gates. I feel like the people here would be well of in a world war z situation. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you guys this little story but the first night I got here the Zone leaders stayed at our pension and so we combined the 3 mattresses we had into one huge mega bed and it totally reminded me of when me Brock and Bridger did that mega bed thing! Hahah. Oh geez. Well my week has been pretty good. And a new one is about to begin again. Oh and if you just are sending the package tomorrow, it probably wont get here till past the beginning of December and then ill have to wait till the beginning of January when the Zone leaders will bring it from the mission home. But who knows, it might get here! I haven't gotten your first one, but Elder Hale is going to Vina for a District leader conference on Friday and if there's a package he will bring it back. We'll see! Hey if you haven't sent it yet....Homemade choc.c hip. cookies or something would be amazing! An Elder here gave me that idea and it sound like the best thing ever haha but anything will be good!  I love you all so much! I hope your weeks get a little more exciting! I cant wait to hear about this week with the birthdays and with thanksgiving! I'm going to freaking miss you guys I'm sure. But I;m happy you'll be having a good time and maybe we'll find a new investigator that day or something? Have an amazing week and eat a ton of food! And don't forget to toast me ;)

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