Sunday, November 24, 2013

Letter 8: First Success, First Rejection.

Dear Mom!
Well another week has passed again!
It's been a really good week. The first part was really slow and a little hard because we just kept getting rejected and people that did let us teach them were so uninterested and were so blah. That's the disappointing part of missionary work, you have this joy, this happiness, this love for them, and they just dont even realize whats right in front of them. But then there are successes,yesterday we found this lady Angelica and her son in law Gonzalo, they're both Catholic but are really interested in what we have to say and about what we're teaching. They asked a lot of questions and we were able to answer them all and schedule another appointment, hopefully the next one with their whole family there (our pres. stresses teaching families a lot). It was interesting because they were talking about the Avangelists here and how the ministers require a lot of tithing and then go and use it to buy themselves things. They said how unfair and how contrary to God this was. We were able to explain what our tithing was used for and how none of it goes to support the leaders of our church. It was a really good part of the lesson. Its also kind of funny because we'll be walking down the street and we'll see a really nice house with the Avangelist's symbol and be like "oh, there's a minister's house". 
It's interesting to see that our church has answers and reasons for everything. And everything is done for a righteous purpose and for a reason. 

As far as my companion goes, its been pretty great. He's been super helpful and is always pretty happy, which kind of annoys me sometimes hahah, I know that sounds bad i'm getting used to it and it may or may not be rubbing off on me, I don't know. (: Also I gave him the wonderful advice of Dwight Shrute. Remember the scene where Michael asks Dwight "Whats the most inspiring thing ive ever said to you?" and Dwight says "Don't be an idiot, changed my life". I then proceeded to tell him that anytime he does something to ask himself, would an idiot do that thing? And if the answer is yes, do NOT do that thing. I'm full of wisdom, sometimes I feel like I should be training him. Nah, kidding of course hahah but we get along really well and he's been having me teach more and more during lessons. For example last night we went to a recent converts house and were teaching the mom and her two sons and Elder Hale was talking and then it went quiet. And after about 10 seconds I look over and he's just staring at me. The good old pass off look of "its your turn" So then I taught the passage of scripture and all. Haha the mission never ceases to surprise me. The other day this old man was yelling that we were CIA and some other stuff I couldn't understand. And then there was a drunk guy who came up and just began saying a bunch of profane things over and over. We told him to get baptized haha. Let's see...Oh yes. They don't do thanksgiving here. WHAT A RIP OFF!!! Hahah I'm so disappointed :( but oh well that's okay. Ill just dream of the delicious food and amazing family.
We had lunch with this family the other day and the mom reminded me exactly of you! She made this joke with her son (like you and Trevor) and just began to laugh and laugh and the Dad was reacted exactly like Nichole and Dad do! I couldn't help but just see you when she was laughing. I loved it. (: Hey I'm sending Nichole and Bridger birthday letters! Hope they get there in time. 

I'm doing really well though, and I hope that you all are as well! How long till you guys get some good snow do you think? I kinda miss the cold weather especially during these Holidays! Its so weird that its getting warmer and warmer here. Trippin me out.
I love you so much! I miss you guys and pray for you every day. I feel your prayers for me and feel your love. Have an awesome week! I don't know if Thanksgiving is this week...but if it is have an awesome one! Do a toast to me! Hahah Have a great week! I love you all!

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